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  • Atomic helmet is a brilliant choice to ensure you remain safe playing the game you love. Our product design team have worked to bring you a helmet that not only maximises protection but remains lightweight. The head is the most critical body part when batting, dictating your body's movement, so the lighter the helmet can stay, the better chance you have of succeeding at the crease.
  • This traditional helmet comes with a reinforced peak, adding extra strength and durability to the most prominent part of the item that can be the first point of contact for the ball.
  • The ISA – Internal Adjustment System – provides the user with the ability to fit the helmet precisely to their head, meaning it will fit securely and safely.
  • Like all Gray-Nicolls helmets, the Atomic comes with a factory fitted Atomic grille, ensuring that it is fixed in place correctly and securely. The grille is lightweight but highly protective against club bowlers.
  • A fantastic item for cricketers, the Atomic helmet conforms to ICC helmet testing and guidelines and provides brilliant performance and an excellent price.

Letter of Conformity


      • Traditional helmet with a reinforced peak for extra protection and durability
      • ISA (Internal Adjustment System) to allow the helmet to fit precisely to the player
      • Factory fitted Atomic grille ensures secure fastening and protection
      • Conforms with all ICC helmet testing and guidelines
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