bat knocking in service for edges and the bottom 6 inches. This is initial knocking only, the user is responsible for knocking the bat further and it is highly recommended to lightly use the bat for first few net sessions with used leather ball until the bat is ready for full use against new ball.
Old price: $40.00 excl tax
$24.99 excl tax
Manufacturer: WKT (MCS)

$40 if you bring your own bat that is not bought from Montreal Cricket Store. 

Please expect 2 to 3 days of delay in shipment of your order if you pick this service for your new bat. Please note a cricket bat cannot be returned if this service is purchased/taken with the bat.

Some bats come with factory installed scuff-sheet, in that case the scuff sheet will not be removed to oil the face of the bat, but the rest of the bat will be oiled. it is not recommended to remove the factory installed scuff sheet, because normally it’s a very thick scuff sheet that is very well glued/applied. 

The Knocking in service is for English Willow bats only, purchased at Montreal Cricket Store.

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